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Lets do some YEYO

YEYO is an ultra-fresh clothing label, founded in 2019 in Iceland. Named after Tony Montana’s iconic line in Scarface, “Get the yeyo,” our mission is to design unique and high-quality apparel.

Its all about the good vibes, nothing else. YEYO is definitely for the younger generation, so we are going to act like it. We are young so lets do what we feel. Lets YEYO up and booze up!

YEYO Club Shirt
YEYO Club Shirt
YEYO Club Shirt
YEYO Club Shirt
Regular price 11.900 kr

YEYO Club shirt is the one you need. It can be used as a formal wear or street wear, you will rock it in all situations + it's super comfy. 

'Club' is our first garment and is very unique, that's why we are only manufacturing very few pieces and wont be made more of it.

40 pieces will be for sale on our website and 50 pieces on Secret Solstice music festival. After that we wont be manufacturing more of the 'Club' garment.

The Club shirt is made of the fabric called 'Velour' which is very soft and really sensitive. Treat the shirt like your baby, you dont want to harm the fabric. DONT iron the fabric and wash with only water carefully.

The model is wearing size large.
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 92 kg